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Hi i would like to Develop Chat Application which i can be embeeded in my web applcation Developed using java and struts2,Are there any frameworks to develop chat applications

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You can develop a chat application using exiting java technologies such as jms , However ,There is one framework named dwr-java which you can use as a demo chat application. But I recommend to use spring frameworks to develop such chat application,there are lots of demo application available ,just google it.

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To develop a chat application first you should decide what kind of chat you want to have, just text messaging or voice chat or video or all of them! Then you should choose a protocol for that. One of the most famous protocol for commuticative applications is xmpp. Having a chat application in your web application has two parts: Serverside and Clientside. There are a lot of free and opensource server and client who support xmpp. To have a chat application it's better to use one of them.

I had some project like the one that you want and in that project I used Openfire as server and claros as web client. You don't need to do any work for server, but to have chat web client, you should use claros pages and libraries in your project. It's easy and doesn't need any special Java EE framework.

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