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I have bound date in my web page from my sql server database.i.e.

Convert(CHAR(10), date, 103).

31/08/2012. Not 31/08/2012 12:00:00. When I insert this date into sql Server, I got the error like Conversion from string '31/08/2012' to date is not valid? I am using en-US format... And also I put datetimeformat as 'dd/MM/yyyy'. First I was using en-GB format. Same error comes. After that I changed en-GB to en-US format. Still that error comes. How to rectify that error?

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You need to convert date based on your culture in code behind file.

// Format in which u have enter your date

      string format = "MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss";

// Give your culture here

       CultureInfo c = new CultureInfo("en-US");

// txtDate.Text is your date field

       DateTime concatenatedDate = DateTime.ParseExact(txtDate.Text, format, c);

Now pass this concatenatedDate in query or store procedure through cs file. It will surely works for you. Cheers.

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convert date string to datetime like this

DateTime.ParseExact(dateTimeString, "dd/MM/yyyy", null).ToString("MM/dd/yyyy")

than pass to database resolve the issue

More details : DateTime.TryParseExact

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DateTime.TryParse(dateTimeString, out dateReturn);
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Try to insert date in "yyyy/MM/dd" format. It will work.

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