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I have hit a snag that i can not seem to solve. My issue is with retrieving the blob key after the app engine has called my service back. I have tried using blobstoreService.getUploads(request) and i have also tried pulling the blob key from the input stream on the request that is called back to me.

the really strange part is that if i go look into the dashboard i see all of my images in the blob store data view.

I get this error no matter how i try to get the blob keys out : doFilter: Could not parse multipart message: javax.mail.internet.ParseException: Missing ';'

I am really hung up on this one and i could really use a little help.

EDIT more of the code

the fetch of the blob store url

private String fetchUrl()
    String url = blobstoreService.createUploadUrl("/BS/returnKey");
    return url;

snippit of the return code where the error occurs

    Map<String, List<BlobKey>> blobs = blobstoreService.getUploads(req);

so in my dev environment (the development app server packed in with GAE plugin for eclipse), it works fine, but then after i deploy to the app engine, the same code will not work. I also tried pulling the data out of the Input stream from the request with teh same results (working on the dev , not on the prod).

thanks to everyone for your help!

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May it be possible that you URL in UploadService or BlobService is wrong? I hade an issue, where my BlobService worked local, but not on GAE. (Maybe a request to localhost) – Sam Nov 21 '12 at 8:41
You should post some code that does not work for you – Peter Knego Nov 21 '12 at 8:43
Please post your code so that we can help you. – Ankur Jain Nov 21 '12 at 9:50
Sam, i am using the blobstore to generate the url. im not sure why that would be a problem, but i will check it out to make sure. thanks. – nemisis enforcer Nov 21 '12 at 16:43
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The issue was that you can not have spaces in the id of the input on the form. I feel like there should be a more obvious error.

In any event i hope that someone finds this useful!

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