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How can I do to verify or assert an alert with a message that contains a variable in this text?

For example, I have to capture a alert with this message: Answer number (var id_answer) successfully accepted. id_answer is the variable and I don't know this value before the alert is show. This alert is triggered for a flash[:notice] command in a controller, for example (in Rails). And I need to simulate the click in the button ok inside alert window with a selenium command too. Is it possible?

Anyone can help me with this with a example for a complete syntax command in Selenium IDE for this problem?

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to simulate the click in the buton OK you could use command assertAlert - Getting an alert has the same effect as manually clicking OK. If an alert is generated but you do not consume it with getAlert, the next Selenium action will fail.

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You could use getAlert:

"Retrieves the message of a JavaScript alert generated during the previous action, or fail if there were no alerts."

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