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I am using jquery dtatable. On form load it display list of user. I want sorting on last name in ascending . and one admin user record must be at first place initial load.

I tried to set Last Name is ascending and TYPE in desc but admin goes at last row

"aaSorting": [[2,'asc']],
  "aoColumns": [ /*Member id*/  {sClass: "displayHide"},
 /*First Name*/  {sClass: "alignCenter "},
 /*Last Name*/  {sClass: "alignCenter "},     
 /*Type*/  {sClass: "alignCenter "},

Is it any jquery property available to keep admin record at first place.


Added sample example


p          m        Admin    
q          a        user
r          c        user
s          d        user

Only one record present for admin type. remaining are user type. Admin must be at first place and remaining records are sorted by lastname.

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I think there are a couple of options.

1) Just use "aaSortingFixed": [[3, 'asc']] to lock down sorting by type first. Keep in mind that then the list is always sorted by Type first and then by lastname.

2) Have a hidden column (eg. is this row admin) and use "aaSortingFixed" to sort by that column.

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I tried this. but no luck. I have added sample example –  Raje Nov 21 '12 at 11:48

You could wrap it in a 'thead' element, this should prevent sorting of the top, same applies for the bottom row, wrapping it in a 'tfoot' element.

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