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how to make table column case insensitive in firebird server..

i am using this code, but it's not working..

con.opne(); cmd = new FbCommand("ALTER TABLE asco ALTER COLUMN Final_Model VARCHAR(30) COLLATE Latin1_General_CS_AS NULL", con); cmd.ExecuteNonQuery(); con.close();

ERROR:Dynamic SQL Error SQL error code = -104 Token unknown - line 1, column 43 VARCHAR

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I think it's not possible to alter the collation with ALTER TABLE ALTER COLUMN. If the table is not empty, you probably have to add a new column with the desired collation, copy the data into it. And then drop the existing column. (or use a temporary table for that). – ypercubeᵀᴹ Nov 21 '12 at 7:12

There are several problems with your statement. First of all according to the Interbase 6.0 language reference (available from the documentation section of the Firebird site) section ALTER TABLE (page 28), the correct syntax is:

ALTER TABLE table <operation> [, <operation> ...];
<operation> = {...
  | ALTER [COLUMN] column_name <alt_col_clause>
<alt_col_clause> = {...
  | TYPE new_col_datatype

Notice that new_col_datatype is not further expanded upon (datatype is however on page 29). In other words the statement should at least be:

  ALTER COLUMN Final_Model 

Note the TYPE between the column name and the datatype. The order of the BNF productions in the Language Reference could make you think that you can also alter the collation of a column, unfortunately you can't.

So if you want to change the collation you will have to create a new column with the right collation, copy the content and then drop the old column (and rename the new column to the name of the old). See also this thread on the Firebird-support list.

And finally I want to point out that 1) Latin1_General_CS_AS is a case sensitive collation and not insensitive as stated in your question and 2) Firebird does not know the collation Latin1_General_CS_AS (the closest to what you need is probably the default collations WIN_PTBR or FR_FR_CI_AI, otherwise you can create one yourself using CREATE COLLATION).

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