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I am new to rewrite site url name. I have a site url like . this is my owned server link So i want to change this site url to something other name like http://testsite/test/ ( i do not want to give domain name to this ip address url).And i have otheres site running on this server . I have no idea how to do this, what should i do.

Is this possible through .htaccess file or something else

Thanks in advance

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No, you can't do this. – James McDonnell Nov 21 '12 at 6:51
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Your server can only respond to requests it receives, and will only receive requests routed to it by DNS, so if you don't own the domain name, you can't receive public traffic directed towards it. You could silently redirect users from to the content found at http://testsite/test/ but they would still see the url in their browser.

If you think about it, its a good thing you can't do this or I could make appear as Indeed most uses for what you are asking about would not be legitimate ones...

For your own internal testing purposes, you can make virtual host entry for and your server will respond to any requests it receives for You then change your HOSTS file to point to and will work in your browser, but only on your machine because you manually overrode your own DNS. The DNS everyone else is using is still pointing to the actual IP address somewhere else

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If you need this for testing purposes (as it seems to me), you can put testsite in your hosts file and configure a virtual host for testsite in your webserver.

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