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I'm having a hard time understanding the proper way to pass a param using link_to and UJS.

I have the following resources:

  • Photos
  • Comments
  • Users

A user is trying to comment on a photo by clicking "Add Comment." When this happens a box pops up using UJS showing a form rendered by utilizing a new.js.erb file. After "Create Comment" is posted the create.js.erb file is called to handle the update, which just hides the comment box and adds the comment to a list of comments.

In my index.html.erb for my photos I am doing the following:

I specify a link to add comments passing in the id of the current photo.

<%= link_to 'Add Comment', new_comment_path( photo_id: photo.id ), remote: true %>

This gives me the url:, which is what I expect.

Now my question is, how do I handle this passed parameter in my new action such that I can specify something like

@comment.photo_id = photo_id 
@comment.photo_id = params[:photo_id] 

in my comments_controller.rb?

Is there something I can do in JS that will help me save the photo_id value to my @comment.photo_id column for the comment added?

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First of all I'll suggest you to start using nested routes for things like comments or likes. You will find the railscast here nested_routes_railscast

Coming back to your question, use @comment.photo_id = params[:photo_id] in your controller.

There is a better approach to accomplish this, You can have the popup already on the photo show page. In the popup you can have a form for new comment model. After clicking on the specific photo you just have get the id of that photo using javascript and copy it into the hidden field for :photo_id in the form.

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Let me if you need help in doing this. –  Super Engineer Nov 21 '12 at 8:46
Thanks for the help. I will look into nested routes to see if it will work here. I was able to get it working using a hidden_field in my _form.html.erb shown via new.js.erb. <%= f.hidden_field :photo_id, { :value => params[:photo_id]} %> After this I could save the value in my create action in comments_controller.rb using @comment.photo_id = params[:comment][:photo_id] –  rjd Nov 21 '12 at 18:41

Yes, you can get photo_id in params, they way you have specified. Suppose Photo has many comments in your case. So in your case when in you get params[:photo_id] in comments_controller you can do:-

@photo = Photo.find_by_id(params[:photo_id])

Please read about nested resources from guides.rubyonrails.org, so you can generate create comments route in restful manner.

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