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As the subject reads I am looking for a summary of what I can do and what I cannot do as a canvas app developer. I tried reading the terms and conditions, policies applicable for pages and other fb content-specific policies - there exists an ambiguity in some of the clauses, for instance, this one clause specifies that the primary purpose of your application will not be to link to a third party application - I am not even sure what that means! So, if I develop a banking canvas page, does this mean that I cannot link to the original banking site? This other clause says that I cannot post advertisements through my canvas page - so, if I am developing a loyalty points app which gives offers on products (10% off on a watch or something of that sort), does it qualify as an advertisement?

I tried lookup slideshare and I even googled a lot - I'ven't found anything that explains the legal jargon in a bunch of do's and dont's for facebook apps (canvas apps in particular). It would help me immensely if you guys can share your experiences here as app developers from legal/policy perspective. TIA

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weird... asked 3 questions on fb in 3 days and no answers on any of it :-( –  Jay Nov 21 '12 at 8:15

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I've been looking for stuff like that aswell. Fb and documenting :/

As for the primary purpose of your application will not be to link to a third party application: I presume they mean, not just a canvas app with a redirect/framebreaker to the third party app/site. But something you actually use inside facebook.

Fb wants you to use its own advertisements, this used to be more of a privacy thing, because a lot of advertising networks use tracking cookies etc and this conflicts with the FB Privacy Policy. But since they went public, i'm guessing they need to show some ad income.

If for example, you have an app and as a bonus they get a point for every time they buy something, they get a discount or every time they unlock an achievement or w/e. it should not be a problem.

I do advise you to contact FB directly tho, just to be sure... response can be slow (weeks).

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How about this.. I've an offer displayed on my canvas page (available to members only of my loyalty program) - something like.. "since you are an esteemed member of our loyalty program, you get 30% off on XYZ brand watch" - this gets displayed to the bottom of the canvas page with an image displaying the offer and linking the image to the original loyalty program site. Does that make sense? Do you think it violates FB policy? Its an offer technically, not an advertisement- but then again, the original loyalty program is not selling own products, XYZ brand is a selling partner. –  Jay Nov 21 '12 at 15:39

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