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I'm trying out the recorder of the latest Selenium IDE Firefox extension on win32/ff3.

On one page, currently I have to hit Enter to go to the next page, but it's not on a submit button, it's captured manually. This is not picked up by the recorder. I know I can enter it manually myself after recording, but why isn't this part of it?

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From the Selenium FAQ:


"Not every event will be recorded by Selenium IDE. Usually the ones that won't be recorded are those that involve complex HTML and/or AJAX. We hope to improve this over time, but there will always be situations where the IDE can't record everything because it has to balance recording too little with too much."

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Huh...that's kind of too bad that an Enter keypress is somehow considered "complex HTML and/or AJAX." Well, hopefully some day... –  Kev Oct 9 '08 at 12:39
Well crap, my web app relies almost completely on the keyboard to do stuff. I downloaded Selenium hoping to automate all this typing, only to find it is utterly worthless?! –  Michael Aug 15 '13 at 16:42

Have you tried with a different browser? Does it happen the same in FF2, IE ? Use the latest nightly version. I know that there are some problems with FF3.

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I didn't, actually...this particular test I only needed to have work on ff3. I'd be interested in results some day though, so at that point I'll try it out... –  Kev Oct 9 '08 at 12:38

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