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i want to add style to an element using css() and save it first step works fine but when i want to save it the code that jquery gives me is too detailed for example

<div id="d"></div>





border-top-left-radius: 55px;

is there anyway to get less detailed code like



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I think you can see it by:


Or may be

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try something like this

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the problem is i want to get all css properties in attr('style') – h0mayun Nov 21 '12 at 8:01

I tested this in Firefox and I got:

border-radius: 55px 55px 55px 55px;

In other browsers tested I got what you wrote. The output appears to be browser-specific - if you inspect the element in the DOM, even there it's already written differently in Firefox than the other browsers I tested (Safari, Chrome, Opera all write the explicit, extended definition).

Also found this, although in a different context:

Different browsers may return CSS color values that are logically but not textually equal, e.g., #FFF, #ffffff, and rgb(255,255,255).

In conclusion, if you want the style definitions in a specific formatting, you will have to do something like regex-replacing on the string that attr('style') returns. Hope this helps.

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try this

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border-radius is not a HTML attribute... – tobi vogler Nov 22 '12 at 18:10
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I ended up with different method by capturing all input[type=text] where i set value of properties ,there i can have full control on output

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