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I have installed sharepoint 2007 on my windows server. When i try to launch it through the configuration wizard, it gives this alert error:

Internet information services not installed

I have already installed IIS. Then, why is this error coming. Thanks in advance.

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Which version of IIS you are using?

If You are Using Windows Server 2008 Server Manager OR IIS7.0 then you need to provide IIS6 management capability role to work with Moss2007.

Follow below given steps to resolve this issue.

  • Open Server Manager, go to Roles and right click on Web Server
  • And in the Window that comes up, Enable the option that says IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility (Installed)

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Metabase compatibilty itself is not installed in my IIS. I think first i need to install it and then enable it –  clint Nov 21 '12 at 8:52

I had the same issue and these are the steps to solve it:

=> check if you have already installed IIS 6.0 compatiblity, if you don't, tick the box to get that installed and run the configuration wizard once more. => Assuming the first step didn't work for you go to optional features and unselect the entire branck of internet information services, this will get it uninstalled. Restart the PC => Go to optional features again and tick the box to install the whole branch of internet information services.

That did the trick for me.

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