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Is there any way to turn off pop-up blocker of Internet explorer automatically from using javascript or vbscript? I don't want to use an activeX object as it is a security threat for my application hence i can't use GetObject.

Please suggest.

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Think about it. If there were, the people who's popups you want to block would turn it off ! –  mplungjan Nov 21 '12 at 8:16
The only reasonable thing you can do is to inform the visitors about the pop-up, like Adobe flash player download page. Or you can read, and make a modal window. –  Bakudan Nov 21 '12 at 8:21

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As mplungjan points out, obviously you can't do this.

Instead, work with the pop-up blocker. Only try to open new windows in direct response to a user action, such as a click. Pop-up blockers are smart enough to allow you to do that.

Better yet, don't use pop-ups at all. There's very, very little call for them in modern web programming. Instead, position elements above other elements in the z-order. Those few use-cases where an actual separate window is appropriate can be handled in direct response to user events.

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