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I use JS automation framework for testing iOS application. In the middle of a test I need to create POST request to server to some money to user and then verify that changes are reflected in UI.

Request looks like:

but to authorize on server I need to pass special parameters to Header of request:

Headers: X-Testing-Auth-Secret: kI7wGju76kjhJHGklk76

Thanks in advance!

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See here on how to make an ajax call with Jquery. See the header section on how to set header on the request. Cheers – Subir Kumar Sao Nov 21 '12 at 9:01

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So basically you want to set the header of a POST request. You can do it only if its an ajax request (You can't set headers for a normal html form submission request). Here is a way to set headers for an ajax request:

var request = new XMLHttpRequest();
request.onreadystatechange= function () {
    if (request.readyState==4) {
        //handle response
}"POST", "url", true);
request.setRequestHeader("header", "blah blah");
request.send("post data");
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I've pasted my data into your code. Unfortunately formatting is broken. I've uploaded code to pastebin [link] Please help me with two questions. Thanks in advance! – z3us Nov 21 '12 at 17:54

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