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I need a code that pulls out the listings count for a product in order to have them in the navigation. I am trying to get the product and listing number in the navigation (if there is any), but I don't want to display something if the listings count is equals to 0.

Here follows my code:

<?php if($listingsCount = getListingsCount(0,0,2,2,1,86) > 0): ?>
<a href="">Bakery</a>
<?php echo $listingsCount['totalRecords'] ?>.
<?php else: ?>
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What is your question? – Muthu Kumaran Nov 21 '12 at 9:25
If you don't want to do anyting in the else case, just replace else: by endif; – Jens Nov 21 '12 at 9:25

It should be

if ( ($listingsCount = getListingsCount(0,0,2,2,1,86)) > 0)

In this case you the assignment is done first and is then compared to 0. So $listingCount contains the real count.

The way you did it, the comparison is done first and the return value (true/false) is assigned to $listingCount.

Nevertheless. If you never reach the else-part, maybe something in your method getListingsCount() is broken.

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And because $listingsCount seems to be an array, you would sizeof() to compare it to 0. – Jens Nov 21 '12 at 9:28
@Jens - I thought this at first too, but maybe the OP's method getListingsCount() is doing some magic, like removing duplicates or some'. So it might return a different value than count()/sizeof(). – insertusernamehere Nov 21 '12 at 9:37

Try this:

<?php if (($listingsCount = getListingsCount(0,0,2,2,1,86)) > 0) { ?>
<a href="">Bakery</a>
<?php echo $listingsCount['totalRecords']; ?>
<?php } else { ?>
Other text
<?php }?>
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Thanks guys for your answers. managed to get it working with this...

$listingsCount = getListingsCount(0,0,2,2,1,86);
if($listingsCount['totalRecords'] > 0): 
<a href="">Bakery</a>
[<?php echo $listingsCount['totalRecords'] ?>]
<?php endif; ?>
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