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I have the following strings


I want to extract everything after the 1st _ & before the 5th _


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thanks friends, ' SUBSTRING(FileName, 5, LEN(FileName) - 4 - 20) AS CUSDEC ' –  DKS Nov 22 '12 at 5:22

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Method 1. Nested CHARINDEX calls.

Use CHARINDEX('_', stringvalue) to get the position of the first _ in stringvalue. You can instruct CHARINDEX to start searching from a certain position, if you pass that position as the third argument:

CHARINDEX(`_`, stringvalue, startpos)

Now, if the starting position will be the result of CHARINDEX('_', stringvalue)+1, i.e. like this:

CHARINDEX(`_`, stringvalue, CHARINDEX(`_`, stringvalue) + 1)

then that will give you the second _'s position. So, to find the fifth _, you'll need to nest CHARINDEX three more times:

WITH positions AS (
    Underscore1 = CHARINDEX('_', aStringColumn),
    Underscore2 = CHARINDEX('_',
                                                                   ) + 1
                                                         ) + 1
                                               ) + 1
                                     ) + 1
  FROM aTable
  aSubstring = SUBSTRING(aStringColumn,
                         Underscore1 + 1,
                         Underscore5 - Underscore1 - 1
FROM positions

Method 2. Character split + ranking.

  1. Use a numbers table to split every string into single characters, pulling their positions along the way.

  2. Rank every character's occurrence in the string.

  3. Get two subsets:

    1) with the character _ and the ranking of 1;

    2) with the character _ and the ranking of 5.

    Join these subsets with each other.

  4. Use the corresponding positions of _ #1 and _ #5 similarly to Method 1 to get the substring(s).

WITH split AS (
    aChar = SUBSTRING(t.aStringColumn, n.Number, 1)
  FROM aTable t
  INNER JOIN Numbers n
, ranked AS (
    rnk = ROW_NUMBER() OVER (
      PARTITION BY t.aStringColumn, SUBSTRING(t.aStringColumn, n.Number, 1)
      ORDER BY n.Number
  FROM split
  WHERE aChar = '_'
FROM       ranked first
INNER JOIN ranked fifth
   ON first.aStringColumn = fifth.aStringColumn
WHERE first.rnk = 1
  AND fifth.rnk = 5

Note: both methods assume that every aStringColumn value does have at least 5 underscore characters.

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SUBSTRING(FileName, 5, LEN(FileName) - 4 - 20) AS err –  DKS Nov 22 '12 at 4:39

You can use the SUBSTRING function to extract a sub string from a given string.

SELECT SUBSTRING('KLPI_2012_CBBE2_E_12704_2012-09-21_13_59_52', 6, 18);
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Can't use substring function because length will change "KLPI_2012_CBBE2_E_12704_2012-09-21_13_59_52" –  DKS Nov 21 '12 at 10:01

It's cunningly named SubString

as in

Select Substring('KLPI_2012_CBBE2_E_12704_2012-09-21_13_59_52',6,18)

If you want to find it within the string, then CharIndex would be useful. Are you sure you want to do this in SQL, it's going to be messy and slow and you'll need to create a UDF, or use CLR to make any real use of it.

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Yes, I want to create view in sql –  DKS Nov 21 '12 at 10:10
As in Select MyMiddleBit([SomeValue]) From SomeTable ? –  Tony Hopkinson Nov 21 '12 at 11:37

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