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i want to update an existing entity in google app engine datastore. i know that put() either create/update entry. but in my case it will always create a new entry why?...

my edit function in views.py

def edit(request,mykey):
     'employee_number': employee.employee_number,
     'employee_email': employee.employee_email,
     'employee_address': employee.employee_address

   form= Employeeprofileform(data)
   import pdb;pdb.set_trace()
   if request.POST:
       form= Employeeprofileform(request.POST)
           if form.is_valid():          
               employee.employee_name =form.cleaned_data['employee_name']
               employee.employee_email = form.cleaned_data['employee_email']
               employee.employee_mobilenumber= form.cleaned_data['employee_mobilenumber']
               employee.employee_address = form.cleaned_data['employee_address']
               return HttpResponseRedirect("/listallemployees/")
               return render_to_response('main/edit.html', {'form': form,'mykey':mykey})

    return render_to_response('main/edit.html', {'form': form,'mykey':mykey})


i need to update the data with same key. iam using django1.2

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Are the values of mykey actual keys to existing entries? Can you share the code for Employeeprofile.get? –  Dan Holevoet Nov 21 '12 at 16:30
sorry i didn't get u... keys are fine .... in my template <a href="/employee/user/edit/{{ employee.key}}/" >edit</a> </t></li> this is the edit link... –  itsme Nov 22 '12 at 12:07

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