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After changing the value of a cell, I call getchangedcells but the array returned is always empty. this is my jqgrid (I'm using struts2-jquery plugin):

<sjg:grid id="tableau" 
      dataType="json" href="%{listeRequetesUrl}"  
      width="940" onCompleteTopics="complete" rowNum="-1"
    <sjg:gridColumn formatter="modifyRequeteFormatter"
        width="20" name="act2" index="act2" title="" align="center"

    <sjg:gridColumn title="" formatter="deleteFormatter"
                name="act" index="act" width="20" sortable="false"
                align="center" />

    <sjg:gridColumn name="id" index="id"
                title="" hidden="true" sortable="false" />

    <sjg:gridColumn name="requete.nomRequete" index="type"
                sortable="true" />

    <sjg:gridColumn name="codeEdition.libelle" index="codeEdition"
                editable="true" edittype="text" sortable="true" />

    <sjg:gridColumn name="nombreExemplaire" index="nombreExemplaire"
                editable="true" edittype="text" formatter="integer"
                sortable="true" />


When debugging I found that the cell got the class dirty-cell, and the row got edited

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One can't see any usage of getChangedCells in the code which you posted. Moreover are you sure that you use correct case of the name of the function (you wrote getchangedcells instead of getChangedCells). Which value of parameter of getChangedCells you used? If you want get edited cells you should use 'dirty' as the option of getChangedCells. –  Oleg Nov 21 '12 at 12:39

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