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Here the level "This is the description about the image" is display as tool tip when i mouse over on the help icon. but the tool tip is displaying only for 10 secs.

Is there any way to increase the time span of tool tip to 1 mins or till mouse pointer is on the help icon.

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How are you displaying the tooltip? – Cerbrus Nov 21 '12 at 10:09

If you are using the html standard way to have tooltip (ie with the "title" attribute), they are handled by the browser, and its behavior is browser (system ?) - specific. If you want something that you can handle yourself, I guess you should go for some JS to do it: For example here is a demo and the jquery tooltip plugin wiki page.

The pros of this approach is that you can style your tooltip. The cons is that you have a bit of dev to do.

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Unfortunately there are not any conventional ways for that. But you can use some third party js to build custom tooltip. Reference :

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I suggest to use a custom Javascript library for displaying tool tips.

just take a look at this

You can also customize the display duration of tooltip using this.

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