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I am working on a js code snippet to make a function which can be called with object literal.

Problem area : If i do not need to track the product value then a check has been placed for undefined. But do i really need to make check for each & every value if its not there in the object literal. Below is the code.

trackProduct = function (args) {

      if(args.label == undefined) {
        value.push([args.category, args.action, args.value]);
      } else if(args.value == undefined){
        value.push([args.category, args.action, args.label]);
      } else {
        value.push([args.category, args.action, args.label, args.value]);

Calling this function via below object literal. I have not passed the value parameter. Do we need to check for Undefined for all three paramters?

    category: elemcategory,
    action: elemaction,
    label: elemlabel

Any suggestions on how to improve on this code.

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What you have done is fine and readable, it's fine if its working. Its better not to optimise a lot and tamper the readability unless optimisation is necessary. But obviously it's good to look for better styles... –  sabithpocker Nov 21 '12 at 10:19

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You can try something like:

trackProduct = function (args) {
    var tempArray = [];

    args.category && tempArray.push(args.category);
    args.action && tempArray.push(args.action);
    args.label && tempArray.push(args.label);
    args.value && tempArray.push(args.value);

    value.push(tempArray); // [["elemcategory", "elemaction", "elemlabel"]]

Also as @jisi pointed out, if any of these can hold falsy values like 0,'' etc then this simple condition wont stand. in that case, typeof(args.category) === 'undefined' should be used.

Which even i dint recomment unless you are ok with the redability and is sure people who are going to read the code will understand this.

Above example illustrates handling undefined values.

Iterating objects can be done by for in:

var tempArray = [];
for (var prop in args) tempArray.push(args[prop]);
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This will give him pretty strange behavior when any of the values are 0 or an empty string ... –  jishi Nov 21 '12 at 10:39
@jishi thank you for pointing that out, I have added it along with the answer. –  sabithpocker Nov 21 '12 at 10:53

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