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I'm working with an existing project that produces a dynamic library (Cocoa API).

I'd rather generate a static library, but if I change the [Linking|Mach-O Type] field from "Dynamic Library" to "Static Library", both the Clean Project and Build Project complain that the target has an invalid MACH_O_TYPE value of 'staticlib'.

Is there a straightforward way to get the build to produce a static .a file?


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2 Answers

Opens up the project.pbxproj file in YourProjectName.xcodeproj folder using TextEdit, search for productType and change it's value from "com.apple.product-dynamic" to "com.apple.product-static"

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in my case it's com.apple.product-type.library.dynamic to be changed into com.apple.product-type.library.static. Maybe it's a different xcode version, I suggest to create a new static lib project and copy productType from there –  pqnet Aug 25 '11 at 9:18
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I ended up creating a new 'static library' project, and then added all the members. Closing xcode and bringing up the two project files in a text editor let me quickly complete the new project.

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Unfortunately that's the correct solution. There's currently no way to convert a target from one target type to another. –  cdespinosa Sep 16 '09 at 0:27
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