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I've been using Tramp mode on my Emacs to edit files remotely. I'm also using ido mode. When I add a new file in the same directory of a file I opened using Tramp, I couldn't get Tramp to find the new file(with C-x C-f). Is there a way to refresh Tramp?

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As documented here, you can press g in the dired buffer to run revert-buffer and refresh the directory listing.

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yes, you are right. pressing 'g' in dired mode works! – liangzan Nov 21 '12 at 13:16
g is the usual 'refresh the buffer contents' binding, and works in lots of Emacs modes. – phils Jul 22 '14 at 23:00

Your question is about ido-mode used with tramp. To refresh ido auto-complete while in the process of finding a file, you can press C-l ido-reread-directory.

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Worked for me once, but not any more. No Idea why. Says: Symbol's value as variable is void: ido-cur-item. Any solutions? – reza.safiyat Jan 18 at 15:07
@reza.safiyat that is because you need to call it within the context of opening a file or a directory. To try this, using ido-find-file go to a directory you want to refresh and hit "C-l" (within the ido buffer). It will refresh the directory you are currently looking at. – Shlomi Feb 23 at 20:12

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