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I've ported some of my Entity from JPA to document and now porting some of my queries. here is the JPA query:

em.createQuery("select distinct c from CustomerImpl c left join fetch c.addresses ca where (:name is null or c.firstName LIKE :name or c.lastName LIKE :name) and (:ref is null or c.externalReference LIKE :ref) and (:city is null or ca.city LIKE :city) order by c.firstName").setParameter("name", name).setParameter("ref", customerRef).setParameter("city", city).getResultList();

below is my attempt :

    Criteria orNameCriteria = new Criteria().orOperator(Criteria.where("firstName").is(null), Criteria.where("firstName").is(name), Criteria.where("lastName").is(name));
    Criteria orCustomerRefCriteria = new Criteria().orOperator(Criteria.where("externalReference").is(null), Criteria.where("externalReference").regex(customerRef,"i"));
    Criteria orAddress = new Criteria().orOperator(Criteria.where("addresses.city").is(null), Criteria.where("addresses.city").regex(city, "i"));
    Query nameq = new Query(new Criteria().andOperator(orNameCriteria,orCustomerRefCriteria,orAddress));

this query return zero size arraylist. I've then changed the orNameCriteria to use is clause and making sure the data contained in name variable has / as suffix and prefix. That didn't work as well.

but queries from mongoVue and RockMongo clients :

{ firstName: /SAM/}

returns data.

Question 1: How do you write LIKE CLAUSE with spring-data-mongo Criteria?
Question 2 : is that the right way to use or and and clause with criteria

Thanks for reading

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Criteria.where("field").regex(pattern) should work

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Since I don't have the ability add comments...

If you do a static import on Criteria, it will make your where clauses look a lot better.

Criteria orAddress = new Criteria().orOperator(where("addresses.city").is(null), where("addresses.city").regex(city, "i"));

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