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I am tying to write a unix code where I will be to count no of rows between (ie here 2)

two "|DATE and TIME | XXXXXX |"

Is there any method I can use with combination of egrap and wc -l



|DATE and TIME         | XXXXXX |


| 21-NOV-2012 15:56:51 | 1259   |

| 21-NOV-2012 15:56:51 | 1364   |


|DATE and TIME         | XXXXXX |


| 21-NOV-2012 16:06:55 | 1259   |

| 21-NOV-2012 16:06:55 | 1364   |

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if the expected result is 9 (since there are empty lines in your example, I don't know if they should be counted):

awk '/DATE and TIME/&&!f{f=1;next;}/DATE and TIME/&&f{print x;exit;}f{x++}' file
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