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Im using the facebook request dialog to show my friend list and invite this in a Facebook Web APP, using this:

    function sendRequestViaMultiFriendSelector() {
            method: 'apprequests',
            message: 'Selección de amigos a los que invitar a KugaBar'
        }, requestCallback);

    function requestCallback(data) {


it works, ok, but i need to identify the user when enter in my APP, y see the requestCallback data and see a "request", but when the users click in the notification and enter in the APP i dont know how identify the request to detect if the user is accesing by the notification.

EDIT: OK I found it, the param in the GET vars are "request_ids", but one problem appear, this param only come if the user previously have acepted the permissions, if the user clik on the notification, accept the permissions, and enter, this param dosent exist, if the user enter again (not need to acept nothing) this param exist in the URL.

Have any method to get this param in the first time the user enter?

It is possible?


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Found the "solution": $requestUri = (!empty($_REQUEST['request_ids'])) ? TAB_URL . '?request_ids=' . $_REQUEST['request_ids'] : TAB_URL ; $loginUrl = $facebook->getLoginUrl(array('scope' => APP_SCOPE, 'redirect_uri' => $requestUri)); echo '<script>window.top.location = "'.$loginUrl.'";</script>'; – Zenth Nov 21 '12 at 11:38
You can post answer if you found solution. And if some of your questions re not solved, please elaborate? – Somnath Muluk Jan 10 '13 at 17:19

When the user first clicks on a request, you should get the request_id from the URL and store it in a cookie. When the user has completed logging in, check if the cookie exists and then update your record accordingly.

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Notifications and Requests are NOT the same thing on Facebook. In your case you're talking about Requests. Request ids are passed to the app as a GET parameter 'request_ids' which is a comma separated list.

To be able to access this parameter after login dialog, you want to save your GET parameters from the original launch URL before redirecting to the OAuth dialog and pass them around in the redirect URL. This way you solved this problem for all of your future GET parameters.

If you're using PHP, the function you're looking for is http_build_query. I'd highly discourage from using a cookie to store one-time and easily accessible URL parameters.

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