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In my rails app i want to authenticate with an active directory. I already take a look at Adauth, but i don't know how to do this

I can test the AD with my school Ad: exchange.nhl.nl

Can someone help me with the authentication or maybe having a good tutorial or has a better gem? And is there in the AD standing a password?

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Are you using devise? Then https://github.com/cschiewek/devise_ldap_authenticatable should help you to get started. Since Active Directory is an LDAP server.

There is an older gem, based on the other mentioned specifically for Active Directory: https://github.com/ajrkerr/devise_active_directory_authenticatable It doesn't seem to be maintained, but it still could be useful.

Hope this helps.

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Take a look at the adauth gem. It bills itself as

A Ruby interface for Microsoft's Active Directory based off ruby-net-ldap.

It comes with a generator and can be integrated with cancan.

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