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Image shows list of friends

I used facebook sdk 3.1 successfully in my app and added FBFriendPickerViewController as a subview on my view, it shows my friends-list and i could select one friend at a time, when i click on done button i show selected friends profile picture on my next view with pushviewcontroller now i want the same action to be performed on didselectrow instead of chechmark row and done button. Please suggest some guidelines as i need to resolve it soon... Thanks in advance!

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Just use [friendPickerController setAllowsMultipleSelection:NO].

Hope it helps

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-(void)friendPickerViewControllerSelectionDidChange:(FBFriendPickerViewController *)friendPicker{
    self.selectedFriends = friendPicker.selection;
   [self.navigationController popViewControllerAnimated:YES];
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Welcome to StackOverflow! it would probably help if you added some text to your answer explaining what your code is for. Thanks for helping! – Miquel Nov 28 '12 at 19:49
The fbcontroller calls this selector on the delegate even through it is not defined in the protocol (see: graphObjectTableSelectionDidChange). -(void)friendPickerViewControllerSelectionDidChange:(FBFriendPickerViewControlle‌​r *)friendPicker{ NSLog(@"%@", friendPicker.selection); } Outputs: { "first_name" = snip; id = 123; "last_name" = snip; name = "...snip..."; picture = { data = { "is_silhouette" = 0; url = "snip";};}; – fionbio Feb 4 '13 at 20:09

In your .h file register the and use the code i provided above.

This will dismiss the FBfriendPicker dialog and redirect you to your previous page. Hence allowing only single selection to be made.

Hope it helps.

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