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I am new to Java ME and to BlackBerry development. I'm trying to compress a byte array using GZIPOutputStream class from the package net.rim.device.api.compress.

If I compress a byte array, it works, but if I try to decompress the result using GZIPInputStream, it does not work.

I wrote also a simple Java app to compress and decompress byte arrays by using the objects provided by the Java JDK and it works fine.

If I compress a Byte Array using the app I wrote in Java, I can decompress it with the decompress method I wrote for BlackBerry. The problem is that what I compress with the method provided by BlackBerry cannot be decompressed.

Did anyone encounter a similar problem? I'm using the compresion method from their official documentation and SDK 7.1 .

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Perhaps something to do with char encoding? BB uses ISO-8859-1 by default. –  Mister Smith Nov 21 '12 at 13:52

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