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I have the following method written in VB .Net:

<ExcelFunction(Description:="Test", HelpTopic:="")>
   Public Shared Function HelloWorld2(<ExcelArgument(Name:="First parameter",       Description:="Cool Function")> ByVal sString As String) As String
    Return "Hello World2, from a DLL... " & sString
End Function

As you can see the HelpTopic is set to a URL, when I run this program and click on "Help On This Function', it says Help Reference is not valid.

Is it possible to have a Helptopic on the internet, where a Function in excel can access it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Excel added support for this in Excel 2010, and you also need Excel-DNA v. 0.30 to support internet URLs. Excel did not support this in feature in earlier versions.

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