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I have the following controller action

public ActionResult EditFocus(int id)
        var Focus = focusService.GetFocus(id);
        Mapper.CreateMap<Focus, FocusFormModel>()
        FocusFormModel editFocus = Mapper.Map<Focus, FocusFormModel>(Focus);
        if (Focus == null)
            return HttpNotFound();
        return View("EditFocus", editFocus);

i am using Nunit for testing. And the test is

public void Edit_Get_ReturnsView()

    FocusFormModel group = new FocusFormModel() { FocusId = 1, FocusName = "Test" };
    Mapper.CreateMap<Focus, FocusFormModel>().ForAllMembers(opt => opt.Ignore());
    Focus focusViewModel = Mapper.Map<Focus, FocusFormModel>(group);
    focusRepository.Setup(x => x.GetById(1)).Returns(focusViewModel);

    FocusController controller = new GroupController(focusService);
    ViewResult actual = controller.EditFocus(1) as ViewResult;
    Assert.IsNotNull(actual, "View Result is null");


but the test fails In the NUnit GUI I get the following error:

Missing Mapping type Configuration& Unsupported Mapping
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You are creating the mapping twice. It should only be done once for web and tests.

web: only create your maps once on application start, possibly using profiles.

tests: create maps in TestFixtureSetUp in specific test or in base Test class if you have one.

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Could u please specify where i am creating map twice??? –  User_18 Nov 21 '12 at 11:51
second line of your test creates map, then you call editFocus of controller which also creates map. –  dove Nov 21 '12 at 11:57

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