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I'm currently modifying the registration page in a plugin where I want to add a drop down list which will insert the names of the states.

I'm importing the states name from database according to its ID in PHP.
Here is the code:

$localVar = '';
    SELECT * FROM wp_state

if (isset($_POST['user_state']))
    $localVar = $_POST['user_state'];
    $registerFilterArray2['name20'] = '
        <p class="user_state'.$errorVar.'">
        <label for="user_state">'. __('State', 'profilebuilder') .$errorMark.'</label>
        <select name="state">
        <option value="default">Choose Your State</option>';

    foreach($query as $res)
        '<option value="'.$query[$count]->state_id.'">"'.$query[$count]->state_name.'"</option>';

    '   </select>;

        <input class="text-input" name="user_state" type="text" id="user_state" value="'.trim($localVar).'" />
        </p><!-- .user_state -->';

    $registerFilterArray2['name20'] = apply_filters(

Is there any pre-defined function in WordPress to add drop down list to a registration page ?

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Yes, WordPress has the following wp_dropdown_* functions.

wordpress dropdown functions

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