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Following regex comparison is taking too long (> 2 mins).'^(\S+){2,50}/(\S+){2,50}\-trailing/$', 'test-request/this-is-crashing/')

Removing the length limits ({2-50}), solves the issue.

What is the error in the pattern?

env: Ubuntu i5 4GB Python 2.7.3

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Did you try to use the same regex with(e.g) perl? Anyway, you do know what (\S+){2,50} means? Anyway, probably is some backtracking optimization issue. – Bakuriu Nov 21 '12 at 11:51
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Are you sure you need this? \S+ means one or more occurrences. And then you want 2-50 occurrences of it?

Why not:

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You are correct, this is called catastrophic backtracking – stema Nov 21 '12 at 11:51

why not make it much simpler...

re.match('([^/]+)/([^/]+)-trailing/', 'test-request/this-is-crashing/')

although in this case it does not find anything...

i suppose you want to catch only strings which are similar to this:


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