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In my PHP Script i have used Tera-WURFL api to get the Screen resolution of mobile Handset but the result i am getting is not correct... here is a code ...


$wurflObj = new TeraWurfl(); 


echo "Markup: ".$wurflObj->getDeviceCapability("preferred_markup");

// see the display resolution
$width = $wurflObj->getDeviceCapability("resolution_width");
$height = $wurflObj->getDeviceCapability("resolution_height");
echo "<br/>Resolution: $width x $height<br/>";

What i have done wrong here??

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You can download and use free Lite data and documentation from:

You can use properties using the following code:


$ScreenPixelsHeight = $_51d["ScreenPixelsHeight"];
$ScreenPixelsWidth = $_51d["ScreenPixelsWidth"];


Note: All the data stored in the $_51d array is stored as strings, you may have to convert $ScreenPixelsHeight and $ScreenPixelsWidth into a number.

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Welcome to StackOverflow! It's quite ok to do self-promotion here. HOwever, if you are affiliated with this product, please make that clear in your answer, otherwise your post might end up being flagged as spam. – Alexis Pigeon Nov 22 '12 at 14:12

You are using the library correctly. The problem is probably related to the user agent of the device that your're testing with. If, for example, you are testing with a desktop web browser, it is impossible to tell what the resolution is, since this information is not conveyed in the user agent, and cannot be inferred.

Please note that I am the author of Tera-WURFL.

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