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I have not used the activityGroup in my project. Now I'm not is a position to implement the whole project using Activity group.

  • is it nesssory that I must implement the activityGroup class in my project to do so?

If yes then please give links for the basic tutorial of activityGroup implementation.

Here is my which loads 4 other actvities in 4 tabs.

    public class MainActivity extends TabActivity {
        TabHost tabHost;
        Context context = MainActivity.this;
        Button btnGo;
        TabSpec spec;
        public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
            btnGo = (Button) findViewById(;     
            tabHost = getTabHost();
            // Android tab
            Intent intentHome = new Intent();
            intentHome.setClass(this, Home.class);
            TabSpec tabSpecHome = tabHost


            Intent intentNowReading = new Intent().setClass(this, NowReading.class);
            TabSpec tabSpecNowReading = tabHost
                    .newTabSpec("Now Reading")

                    .setIndicator("Now Reading",

            Intent intentFavourite = new Intent().setClass(this, Favorites.class);
            TabSpec tabSpecFavourite = tabHost

            Intent intentProfile = new Intent().setClass(this, Profile.class);
            TabSpec tabSpecProfile = tabHost

enter image description here

  • now I want to start the new activity in the Home tab area on the click event of Go button.(See the picture).
  • please note that I do not want to impelement the ActivityGroup class, How can I do that without this.
  • New Actvity must load in the HomeTab's area, not on the full screen.
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ActvityGroup is a bad idea, this is old, deprecated API, don't use it.

You have to use Fragments API, just create a Fragment and add it to layout using FragmentTransaction, thats all what you need.

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