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I have converted my .xml code to .json

For xml I am using something like this:

var stage = xml.getElementsByTagName("stage" + game.current_stage)[0];

How can you do that in json? I want something like this:

var stage = json."stage"+ game.current_stage;
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You can still use the zero index for the JSON, and the correct syntax is:

var stage = json["stage" + game.current_stage][0];
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If I understand the question:

var stage = json["stage"+ game.current_stage];
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Thanks and how can I set this in an variable: "stage_startposition" : [ {"x":0}, {"y":0} ], –  user1716690 Nov 21 '12 at 13:06
var stage = json["stage" + game.current_stage];
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would you like to read by using Javascript or what?

Then below code helps. Please try with that

var stage = JSON.parse(json)["stage"+ game.current_stage];
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