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Can anyone explain how this string has likely been encrypted at all?


I've never seen an encryption has like this before in my life. Would it be possible to replicate with PHP? (Providing I can get what salts etc may have been used etc).

This is for a migration of data from one website to another - currently this data is stored in a MSSQL DB but will be used in MySQL if PHP can handle the encryption.

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check out php mcrypt if u havent –  Drew Pierce Nov 21 '12 at 12:28

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It appears to be part of a 256bit hash with some metadata around it. I'm not familiar with the php libraries for encryption but know that you can create a 256bit sha with php and there should be a toHex() method.

To check a password, encrypt the users entry with sha256 and check its hex value against the one stored. Have you checked to see if its the first 1/4 of a sha? Maybe they just truncate for lack of security?

If I had the guess, the 29 is probably userid, but could be a salt or something.

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Thanks, I broke it down a bit and sorted it out - never thought of the extra number being an ID or other identifier. –  Ben Nov 21 '12 at 15:11

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