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Thus far I've tried to access this WSDL:

from the two common Python SOAP clients that I'm aware of: SOAPpy and ZSI.client.Binding. SOAPpy raises an exception in PyXML (xml.parsers.expat.ExpatError: not well-formed (invalid token)) and ZSI raises an exception in the urlparse library.

What I'm hoping is:

1.) I'm using these libraries incorrectly (usage below)


2.) There is another SOAP library I don't know about that will be able to handle this

Here's my usage of the libraries:

from ZSI.client import Binding
b = Binding('')
hash = b.authenticate('should', 'get', 'authenticationfailurefromthis')


import SOAPpy
b = SOAPpy.WSDL.Proxy('')
hash = b.authenticate('any', 'info', 'shoulddo')
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your not actually giving it a valid WSDL endpoint try explicilty giving it the WSDL location rather than the directory it is in. Remember computer are exceptually stupid things!

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