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HTML parsing in Android

I'm new to program, hope someone can teach me! I want to develop an Android Apps that can view the timetable from my university's server.

here's the server side: http://webapps.apiit.edu.my/schedule/intakeview_intake.jsp?Intake1=UC1F1205IT&Submit=Submit&Week=

UC1F1205IT is my intake code,different intake code will get different timetable.

Now how should i parse the return file? And how can i put different information to different block? Thanks for teaching!

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here is a similiar questions Android HTML Parser Example. What's a suitable html parser for Android?

you can use java html parser like jsoup . http://jsoup.org/

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thx ya, trying to parse it. –  crossRT Nov 24 '12 at 13:36

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