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In endeca I just tried to load the templates using the below commands in Linux terminal

emgr_update --host localhost: --action set_templates --prefix MyApp --dir /home/Admin/endeca/apps/MyApp/config/cartridge_templates -app_name MyApp

got an error: could not open acquire_lock.status
I tried that while running http tool service and workbench service and stopped both services. Please help me out.

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I just ran into the same issue and it was a typo in the name of the host that when fixed resolved this error.

For your emgr_update command above, I couldn't help but notice that the format of the --host parameter is incorrect. You have --host localhost: and it should be in the format of <host>:<port>. So I'm thinking that you meant either localhost:8006 or (where 8006 is the port that Workbench is configured to listen on).

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Check the flags on your app. If an update or baseline exited improperly, the locking flags may still be in-place.

eaccmd list-flags --app MyApp

That should list any flags that might be preventing your update. Depending on the output of that command, you can remove any flags with this command:

eaccmd remove-flag --app MyApp --flag <flagNameGoesHere>
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PlatformService and ToolsAndFramework (previously Workbench) must be running when setting or getting templates. -app_name should also be --app_name (not sure if that was a typo).

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