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    <input type='submit'>

When submitted results in:


How to make it:



[This is a very simple example of the problem, the actual form has many fields, but some are disabled at times. When all are disabled, the trailing ? appears]

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You can remove the question mark by using a link instead of a form submission

<a href=""><button>Submit</button></a>
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Sorry, this doesn't answer the question. The form has to stay. –  Lavi Nov 21 '12 at 14:11
@Lavi is your form method GET? –  hermann Nov 21 '12 at 14:46

I was looking for similar answer. What I ended up doing was creating a button that redirects to a certain page when clicked.


<button type="button" value="Play as guest!" title="Play as guest!" onclick="location.href='/play'">Play as guest!</button>

This is not an "answer" to your question but might be a good work around. I hope this helps.

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Without using Javascript, I'm not sure there is one. One way to alleviate the problem may be to create a hidden input that just holds some junk value that you can ignore on the other side like this:

<input type="hidden" name="foo" value="bar" />

That way you will never have an empty GET request.

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In my case I'm using window.location, not sure it's the best alternative, but it's the only one I could make it work:

    ... if all parameters are empty

    window.location = this.action;
    return false;

My real use was to convert GET parameter to real url paths, so here is the full code:

    var form = $(this),
        paths = [];

    // get paths
        var self = $(this),
            value = self.val();

        if (value)
            paths[paths.length] = value;

        // always disable to prevent edge cases
        self.prop('disabled', true);

    if (paths.length)
        this.action += paths.join('/')+'/';

    window.location = this.action;
    return false;
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