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I need to convert → (&rarr) to a symbol I can type into a ANSI VBScript file. I am writing a script that translates a select set of htmlcodes to their actual double byte symbols using a regex. Many languages accomplish this using "\0x8594;"... what is the equivelent in VBScript?

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Answer was ChrW(8594)

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The &H doesn't work. Give me Chinese rather than an arrow. –  alumb Sep 25 '08 at 18:54

Note: Bob King's answer is correct for the information given. The problem is that alumb is mistaken about the meaning of a numeric character entity reference. → (→ single right arrow) is, as stated, also identified as → but this is decimal and so is not equivalent to \x8594 in "many languages" (e.g. C++). This is why chrW(&H8594) gave the "wrong" character. Hexadecimal character entity references are specified using "&#x" instead of "&#". Thus 薔 (薔) = \x8594 = chrW(&H8594) while → (→) = chrW(8594) = \x2192.

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