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I am trying to create a Windows Azure Cloud Service. Therefore I used Eclipse (Indigo) on my Mac.

First I need to install (Eclipse > Help > Install New Software > http://dl.msopentech.com/eclipse) the Windows Azure Toolkit for Java plugin based on this tutorial, but this is not possible on my Mac. No problems on a Windows machine!

The following error is thrown on installing the plugin:

Cannot complete the install because some dependencies are not satisfiable
com.microsoftopentechnologies.wacommon.feature.feature.group [] cannot be installed in this environment because its filter is not applicable.

Any ideas?

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Just ran into the same issue on Linux and this is due to an OS filter applied to the plugin restricting its use to Windows. See this SO answer for the similar problem with a user running Eclipse on Linux. The Windows Azure Plugin for Eclipse has dependencies on the .NET SDK and can debug a program with an emulator (like Visual Studio), thus it cannot be used in a Linux/Unix environment.

See this full description of the plugin on the official website.

But as stated in the answer you are still able to develop programs on Linux or MacOS using the Windows Azure SDK for Java.

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