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I'm trying to build a formatted html string using a rails helper method, which lives in application_helper.rb.

def comment_posted_tag(actor_id,date)
  ... irrelevant code removed
  str =  "<b>" + actor_name + "</b>" + " on " + date.strftime("%d %b %Y at %H:%M")
  return str.html_safe

I'm calling it like this in the view:

<%= comment_posted_tag(dialog_comment.actor_id,dialog_comment.updated_at) %>

For some reason the tags are not coming through. Ideally I'd like to attached a css class to the actor_name string. I've tried it with and without the html_safe but neither work.

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Always use content_tag for this kind of job:

def comment_posted_tag(actor_name, date)
  content_tag(:span, :class => 'yours') do
    content_tag(:b, actor_name) + ' on ' + date.strftime("%d %b %Y at %H:%M")
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Perfect. Thanks very much. –  ardochhigh Nov 21 '12 at 13:32

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