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I have written a google test (using gmock). Here is the relevant code:

MockObj * obj = new MockObj ();
MockDI * mock_di = new DI();
MockDIPtr mock_di_ptr(mock_di); // boost shared ptr
Data data; // sort of on array
data.append(1); data.append(2); // Add two entries
EXPECT_CALL(*obj, get_di_ptr()).WillOnce(Return(mock_di_ptr));
EXPECT_CALL(*mock_di_ptr, get_data(_,_)).WillOnce(SetArgReferee<1>(data));
EXPECT_CALL(*obj , enqueue(_)).Times(2);

The actual implementation is:

di_ptr->get_data(int, data); // data is updated via reference
for (int i = 0; i < data.size(); ++i)

Basically, enqueue() should be called once for each entry in data. Also, the mocks are normal mocks (not Strict etc.)

This test, as expected, passes when I check for Times(2) .

This test, as expected, fails when I check for Times(0) or Times(1) .

BUT, This test PASSES when I check for Times(3) !

Why? What should I do to detect that behavior?

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does it give a warning that enqueue is called one extra time when you expect Times(2)? I'm pretty sure it's you add an extra element to data somewhere or there is a mistake in Data class. –  user1773602 Nov 21 '12 at 13:53

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MockDI * mock_di = new DI(); should probably read MockDI * mock_di = new MockDI(); to make the line EXPECT_CALL(*mock_di_ptr, get_data(_,_)).WillOnce(SetArgReferee<1>(data)); work.

aleguna made a good point. The following simplified experiment yields the error Actual function call count doesn't match EXPECT_CALL(mock, mockMe(_)).... I suggest to debug the method under test and check data.size() after di_ptr->get_data(). Then set a breakpoint in Data::append() and see who adds more elements.

#include "gtest\gtest.h"
#include "gmock\gmock.h"

using ::testing::_;

class Dependency
    virtual ~Dependency() {}

    virtual void mockMe(int i);

void Dependency::mockMe(int i)

class MockDependency : public Dependency
    MOCK_METHOD1(mockMe, void (int i));

class Cut
    void testMe(Dependency& dependency);

void Cut::testMe(Dependency& dependency)
    for (int i=0; i<2; ++i)

TEST(Experiment, VerifyExactCallCount)
    MockDependency mock = MockDependency();
    Cut cut;

    EXPECT_CALL(mock, mockMe(_)).Times(3);

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