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I've come unstuck on how to do this:

I have a country entity. A country has zero or more facts. A fact has property called Year.

How can I load a Country entity by its name and eagerly fetch all its facts from a given year, e.g. 2011 (but not load all the other facts)? Is this even possible?

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I believe this is possible by using filters in nHibernate. Start out by reading this previous StackOverflow question:

NHibernate - Retrieve parent / children with criteria applied only to children

And also have a look at the nHibernate documentation for more reference:


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I think this is possible using filtering but it's not a good idea because it violates separation of concerns: your domain model should not be used to present a special view of the data.

Two possibly better options:

  1. Fetch all the facts and filter them by year using an extension method on IEnumerable<Fact>. I would pick this option unless I had a measurable performance issue.
  2. Create a view class that encapsulates the result set. You can construct the two queries to retrieve the Country and Facts for a year using Future so that it only requires one trip to the database.
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Thanks Jamie. I agree that filtering isn't the right approach. –  Øyvind Nov 21 '12 at 17:17


 var query = session.QueryOver<Country>()
        .Fetch(c => c.Facts)
        .Where(f => f.Year == 2011)
    var country = query.List().FirstOrDefault();
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Hi Mariusz, thanks for your answer. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to compile? "Method, delegate or event is expected." Also, the expression f => f.Year == 2011 does not compile as "f" is not understood. –  Øyvind Nov 21 '12 at 14:34
OK - the call to Eager should be a call to a property, not a method. But the Where() clause doesn't compile becase f is Country, not Fact –  Øyvind Nov 21 '12 at 14:43
Give me a second plz –  Mariusz Nov 21 '12 at 14:45
Mariusz, thanks for this. This runs two queries in one db hit but the returned result contains all facts, not just those from 2011. –  Øyvind Nov 22 '12 at 9:26

UPDATE: I have not solved this. The below HQL only works when facts are present. If there are no facts for a given year then the result is null. I think the correct solution, given my context, is to treat Fact as an aggregate root and issue two queries using Future().

Original post

I have solved this using HQL:

var country = Session.CreateQuery("from Country country left join fetch country.Facts as Facts where Facts.Year in (:years) and country.Name = :name ");
country.SetParameter("name", name);
country.SetParameterList("years", new List<int>() {2012, 2011});

Thanks for the other suggestions. I would be interested in a non-HQL solution to the problem, but this solves it well.

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