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I'm having a problem with @Transaction in Spring. Basically, no transaction is created with the following message:

delaying identity-insert due to no transaction in progress

I posetd a full description of the problen in the Spring AOP forum


Any suggestion would be appreciated!


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Could you please post the complete stacktrace. - Mainly to make sure that we search at the right place. Because the code looks ok. – Ralph Nov 22 '12 at 12:25

in your code you have defined the service like this:

public class ServiceImpl<T> implements Service<T> {
public T save(T entity) {

I do not know why you use the @Configurable annotation. If you do not need them (that is if you do not create an instance of this service via new) , I would remove them.

The reason is that I remember that spring docu say that @Configurable enable injection, but it does not say anything about load time weaving support enabled by @Configurable

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You are correct about @Configurable while the @Service annotation is a specialization of @Component. However the transactional aspect should weaved because of the @Transactional annotation at method level, as the docu states. – Stefano Cazzola Nov 22 '12 at 8:38
I forgot... I tried your suggestion but the resut did not change. – Stefano Cazzola Nov 22 '12 at 8:43

Found the solution.

The problem was in the configuratoin. I added two elements context:spring-configured and context:load-time-weaver that mean two different things. The first one activate AspectJ compile time weaving (which I didn't understand), the second one activate AspectJ load time weaving. I think that these two elements don't work well together.

I decided to use compile time weaver and (after struggling a little bit...) I found that (obviously) external jars are not weaved with this configuration, simply because they have yet been built.

The easiest way to solve is to modify the configuration of the aspectj-maven-plugin (in POM.xml) adding under the configuration node:

for every artifact you need to weave.

Now transactions work fine!

@Ralph: many thanks for your time!



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