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I use google-api-client for android. I try to do multipart POST request with text data and image file. Code snippet for creating request is below:

InputStream stream = new FileInputStream(fileToSend);
InputStreamContent photoContent = new InputStreamContent("image/jpeg", stream);
MultipartRelatedContent multiContent =
    new MultipartRelatedContent(content, photoContent); 
HttpRequest request = getRequestFactory().buildPostRequest(googleUrl, multiContent);

content is key-value text content. As a result I get error 500.

What I'm doing wrong?

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There is a guide here about how to do media upload with the google-api-java-client here:


That said, I don't anything necessarily wrong with your code either. It is possible that the googleUrl is incorrect, or that content is not properly formatted. You might want to try adding a URL query parameter uploadType=multipart to specify that you are using multipart as the protocol.

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