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I have two EIEIO classes:

(defclass i-driver ()
  (;; more slots
    :initarg :exit-conditions
    :initform nil
    :type list
    "Conditions to test in the main (while ...) expression"))
  :documentation "This class describes a single driver of `i-iterate' macro")


(defclass i-spec ()
    :type list
    :reader i--get-exit-conditions
    "Conditions to test in the main (while ...) expression")
   ;; more slots
    :initform nil
    :type list
    "This slot contains the list of all drivers used in this iteration macro"))
  :documentation "This class contains a specification of the
expansion of the `i-iterate' macro")

What I want to do:

  • Expose exit-conditions field through i-spec class by aggregating it from a list of i-driver objects. My original idea was that I could define a reader, like so:

(defmethod i--get-exit-conditions ((spec i-spec))
  (with-slots ((ds drivers)) spec
    (let (result)
      (while ds
        (push (oref ds exit-conditions) result)
        (setq ds (cdr ds)))
  • I don't want to allocate the slot exit-conditions in i-spec, because it only needs to be stored in i-driver.
  • I also want the slot to be read-only (it can be only modified by modifying the corresponding driver, but not through writing to the slot itself).

PS. In case of copyrights claims, i in the names is for iterate, it's not for whatever Wozniak used it in Apple's products :)


Here's how I'm doing it now:

(defmethod i-aggregate-property ((spec i-spec) property &optional extractor)
  (with-slots (drivers) spec
    (let ((ds drivers)result)
      (while ds
        (if extractor
            (setq result
                  (funcall extractor (slot-value (car ds) property) result))
          (push (slot-value (car ds) property) result))
        (setq ds (cdr ds))) result)))

And here's the ugly look:

(defmacro i-iterate (&rest specs)
  (let ((spec (i--parse-specs specs)))
    (with-slots (body result) spec
      (let* ((exit-conditions
              (i-aggregate-property spec 'exit-conditions #'append))
              (i-aggregate-property spec 'catch-conditions #'append))
              (i-aggregate-property spec 'variables #'append))
              (i-aggregate-property spec 'actions #'append))
               ((cdr exit-conditions)
                (append '(and) (nreverse exit-conditions)))
               (exit-conditions (car exit-conditions))
               (t t)))
             (vars (nreverse variables))
             (body (append actions (nreverse body))))
         ((and catch-conditions vars)
          (append catch-conditions
                   `(let* (,@vars)
                      (while ,econds ,@body) result))))
          (append catch-conditions
                   `(while ,econds ,@body) result)))
          `(let* (,@vars)
             (while ,econds ,@body) ,result))
         (t `(progn (while ,econds ,@body) ,result)))))))

I could add a macro to hide this repetitive calls and have something like with-slots, but I'd be much happier, if I didn't have to.

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Why don't you just define a generic function exit-conditions specified on i-spec instead of a slot?

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