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I have a csv with the following data:







I need to convert in to a tree hierarchy as shown below:


    "name": "World",
    "children": [
      { "name": "US",
          "children": [
           { "name": "CA" },
           { "name": "NJ" }
      { "name": "INDIA",
          "children": [
          { "name": "OR" },
          { "name": "TN" },
          { "name": "AP" }

Then this tree will be used for tree visualization. Can any one help on this?

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d3.nest is your friend!

Look at the Array documentaion for D3 and scroll down to nest

And here are some example I wrote when I was learning to use nest:

This question also helps: D3: use nest function to turn flat data with parent key into a hierarchy

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Thank you very much. It helped a lot. One more query though : can we change the tags of the hierarchy formed from d3.nset() In your examples you have "key" and "values" as tags where as I wanted to have my tags as "name" and "children". Any idea how to do this?? – user1842231 Nov 22 '12 at 11:00

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