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At the moment i am writing an regression algorithm in r-project which tries to "capture" points inside boxes. The algorithm tries to keep the boxes as small as possible, so usually the edges/corners of the boxes go through points, which determines the size of the box.

Problem: I need a graphical output of the boxes in R. In 2D it is easy to draw boxes with "segments" which draws a line between two points. So, with 4 segments i can draw a box.


I then tried both the "scatterplot3d" and the "plot3d" package for 3D plotting. In 3D the "segments" command is not working, as there is no additional z-component. I was surprised that appearently (to me) there is no adequate replacement in 3d for "segments".

Is there an easy way to draw boxes / lines between two points when plotting in three dimensions ?

Thanks for help !

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are you sure you used the plot3d package? It's not on CRAN: do you mean the plot3d function in the rgl package? – Ben Bolker Nov 21 '12 at 15:04

The scatterplot3d function returns information that will allow you to project (x,y,z) points into the relevant plane, as follows:

x <- c(1,4,3,6,2,5)
y <- c(2,2,4,3,5,9)
z <- c(1,3,5,9,2,2)
s <- scatterplot3d(x,y,z)

## now draw a line between points 2 and 3
p2 <- s$xyz.convert(x[2],y[2],z[2])
p3 <- s$xyz.convert(x[3],y[3],z[3])

The rgl package is another way to go, and perhaps even easier (note that segments3d takes points in pairs from a vector)

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